Hedonbar Brewing Company is an independently owned microbrewery and taproom located just outside of Kadina.

Offering a rotating selection of seasonal ales and lagers, including limited release beers all brewed onsite.

Situated within a large industrial space, offering ample space for patrons to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, including a beer garden out the front. Keep an eye out for our growing annual events calendar…. Including the Mid-Winter Celebration of Dark beers, Oktoberfest & Live music days…!!

Choose from a selection of SA Cocktails on tap, Seltzer, Barossa Wine and non-alcoholic beverages too.

Toasted Sandwiches available everyday as well as a range of bar snacks. During long weekends and special events at the Brewery we host Food vans.


Thu    1:00 – 7:00 pm

Fri      1:00 – 7:00 pm

Sat   12:00 – 6:30 pm

Sun  12:00 – 6:30 pm

50 Mines Road, Kadina, SA

What’s on Tap



Also known as Dunken, Drunken Dunken, Banana Bread or Dunks for short is Hendonbar’s version of this classic Dark German wheat beer with a rich malt profile along with the spicy/fruity character of its cousin Heff…AKA Hefeweizen.

Chilli Choc Stout

Our rich, roasty and toasty stout infused with cocoa, red and bell chilli’s. The chilli flavour will hit on the back of the pallet, not too hot to affect the flavours of the Stout, however present enough to warm the taste buds.

Mid-Winter Ale

Based upon a Strong British Dark Ale, this special release Ale is a true Winter warmer. A big 8.7% ABV will warm the pallet with a rich caramel and mild chocolate malt profile. Mostly sweet with a balanced hop bitterness. This beer will improve with age.
Ask about the special release, double fermented 500ml bottled version

Wheat Middy

A flavoursome mid
strength hybrid barley
and wheat beer. A late
addition of citra hops
gives a citrus flavour
and aroma which
works well with the

Aussie Blonde

An easy drinking
Blonde. Beer flavoured
beer. Balanced malt
and hop profile. A beer
for those who claim to
not like ‘craft beer’.
Perfect for warm



Light on the palate, easy drinking and refreshing. A restrained use of American and continental European hops give this eXtra Pale Ale some mild fruit and earthy notes, along with a crisp, clean finish

Sparkling Ale

Australia’s native born
beer style. This beer
uses malted barley
grown in SA, along with
Australian hops. With a
medium body, smooth
texture, balanced hop
bitterness, this beer is
both sparkling and

Amber Ale

An Amber beer with
more body and
caramel richness than
a pale ale. A very
drinkable beer with
slightly more balance
towards malt than
hops, yet still having a
pleasant American hop
aroma and bitterness.

West Coast IPA

A generous addition of
American hops
(Centennial, Simcoe &
Amarillo) make this
West Coast IPA our
most ‘hoppy’ beer.
Golden in colour,
moderately bitter with
a balanced dry finish.
Big ABV – be careful.

Brown Ale

A complex malt profile
with hints of caramel,
biscuit, honey and
chocolate. British hops
have been used late in
the boil to balance this
beer which makes it
more approachable as
compared to richer
dark beers.


This Stout has a rich malt profile with chocolate, caramel, roasty and toasty flavour characteristics. British Fuggles and East Kent Golding hops provide a mild bitterness with earthy, spice and mild fruity aromatics.


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